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Handicap Restroom Trailers For Sale

Handicap Restroom Trailers for Sale

Are you looking for handicap restroom trailers for sale? If you are running any type of public event that requires the use of portable restroom facilities, then you will need to accommodate people with disabilities. We have a variety of handicapped restrooms which offer easy access to the mobility challenged, with enough space and rails to allow your guests to maneuver themselves. With a quality and safe handicapped restroom, all your guests will be able to focusing on enjoying your event in a sanitary way.

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Handicap Restroom Trailers For Sale

FEATURES OF OUR Handicap Restroom Trailers for Sale?

The handicap restroom trailers for sale we offer has easy access on the ground level. It comes with an American Disabilities Act approved ramp for safety and easy wheelchair access to the restroom.

This also comes with a huge door than usual type of restroom in order to accommodate wheelchair bound guests or visitors. As a matter of fact, the full restroom is bigger than a usual single stall unit. It comes with a room for a wheelchair to move around inside and at the same time sufficient room for a care-giving assistance too.

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Benefits of Handicap Restroom Trailers for Sale

Another amazing benefit of a handicap restroom for sale is that there are handrails put about the interior of the restroom. The handrails are situated on each wall, with additional support rail next to the unit itself to help guests with dismounting. The handrails are firmly attached to the walls to make sure that they could support a heavy adult’s weight when using them to maneuver around the inside of the restroom

NRT Sales offer handicap restroom trailers that come with essential features making them easier and stress free for people with disabilities. For information on our current inventory please call (877) 727-3621 or click to request a quote.