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Mobile Restroom Trailers For Sale

Mobile Restroom Trailers for Sale

NRT Sales is a leading retailer of mobile restroom trailers for sale. In fact they have a complete line of mobile restrooms, showers, ADA restrooms and used inventory.

Mobile restroom can meet the sanitary needs of your clients in clean and hygienic setting. Not just in events, but these trailers can also be used in social events, camps, wedding parties, constructions sites and even a service to the homeless community. Mobile restroom trailers for sales can be custom made according to your style.

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Mobile Restroom Trailers For Sale

Mobile restroom trailers for sale offers many benefits such as:

  • Save a huge amount of money in renting this instant portable restroom for various kinds of events.
  • Dedicated sink with running hot and cold water inside the mobile restroom trailer.
  • Toilets that actually flush.
  • More spacious compared to the plastic box restrooms.
  • More aesthetically pleasing in the interior and exterior.

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Looking for mobile restroom trailers for sale?

Great for weddings or black-tie events, where the bride and groom don’t want ugly blue boxes to ruin pictures and the overall ambiance or community events like marathons where participants prefer to get changed and clean up afterwards.

Whether you decide to go with a bathroom trailer, a shower trailer or a combination of both, NRT Sales is ready to accommodate your needs. For the very best in mobile restroom trailers please call (877) 727-3621 or click the button above to request a quote.