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Ten Station Restroom Trailer

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2016 Forest River 10-stall Mobile Restroom Trailer

The unit is completely self-contained and is operable using two 110 volt 20 amp power sources for the lights and heat or air conditioner. The unit pulls a maximum of 20 amps. 200 gallon on-board fresh water tank and  a 700 gallon waste holding tank. Used for 2 summers a total of 28 times.

  • Accommodates up to 700 persons per day
  • Flushing Porcelain Toilets
  • Sinks with Running Water
  • Vanities and Mirrors
  • Soap and Hand Towels
  • Air Conditioning or Heat
  • Dual Handrails and Low Entry Platforms
  • Low Level Outdoor Lighting
  • $37,900 plus shipping available immediately

SOLD. New units in stock call today!

2017 Ten Station Comfort of Home Restroom

  • Only used for three months!
  • 750 gallon waste tank, direct connect for fresh water
  • Winter package
  • Dual AC units
  • Call for pricing!


2007 Ten Station Black Tie Restroom

  • 900 gallon waste tank/fresh water connection
  • Winter Package
  • Hot water hand wash
  • Mens: 2 toilets / 3 urinals with dividers and double sink with mirror
  • Womens: 5 toilets and double sink with mirrors
  • Call for pricing!